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Supporting Kids

during all transitions throughout childhood. 

Your Child’s Journey Starts Here at Teeny Tiny University!

Teeny Tiny University is an early learning center established to cultivate our next generation of young leaders, creatives, thinkers, and imaginative doers. Your child’s development during the early stages of life is key to shaping their future. That’s why we’re here to help you support your little scholar achieve their goals.


For Parents

When it comes to staying well-informed of your child’s performance and progress at Teeny Tiny University, we’ve got you covered.  You can expect to have a healthy, transparent, and engaging relationship with our teachers and staff. 
Whether it’s your teeny scholar’s first day or third year with us, we always provide daily updates, exciting events, regular parent-teacher meetings, and free resources to help your family. What’s most important to you is a top priority to us!
Here are a few resources available to all our early learning center's families:

Parent portal powered by Procare

Stay connected to your child and their instructor with our MyProcare parent app. Receive daily progress reports, wellness checks, photo, and video highlights, and much more all within the secure, intuitive web and mobile app available wherever you are.


Special events & activities

Teeny Tiny University celebrates every child, family, and culture all year round with fun, informative, and creative activities and special events. From school picture day to Pre-K graduation to visits from Santa, we bring the festivities to our center!

Healthy Morning


Nurturing healthy minds and bodies start with nutrients. We serve healthy and wholesome breakfast, lunch, and snacks to our growing learners. We follow a well-balanced nutrition program.


*Dietary Restrictions: To ensure everyone’s health and safety, families should notify our staff members of their child’s dietary restrictions at the time of intake. Families will be responsible for providing their child’s food, if necessary.

Take a look inside our Teeny Tiny University!

Using our best childcare practices.

Peer-Teacher Interaction & Instruction

All activities and instruction are tailored to nurture the emotional and intellectual growth of our kids.

Culture. Connection. Compassion. Community.

Teeny Tiny University is not just a full-time early learning center, we’re a family. Our village of children, parents, teachers, and support staff is an inclusive community welcoming everyone with loving and open arms.

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